Discount Trailer Skirts Through Progressive Insurance

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MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — April 11, 2013 —With the price of diesel fuel constantly changing, Progressive® Insurance is offering truckers discounted AeroFlex Trailer Skirts. These trailer skirts can increase fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent. Truckers can now buy them at select Network Trailer Repair Shops at a discounted price. The deal is open to any trucker, not just Progressive customers.

"Justifying a trailer skirt purchase can be a challenge for smaller companies and owner-operators, so we are offering more than $400 off the list price so the skirts will pay for themselves sooner," said Craig Sensowitz, marketing process manager at Progressive Insurance. "To keep installation convenient for owner operators, we strategically picked the network repair shops that are carrying the skirts to geographically cover the country. That way, truckers won't have to venture too far from their normal route to get one installed."

To see the trailer skirts, access a fuel savings calculator and view a map and list of the Network Shops carrying the skirts, visit In addition to the reduced price, the trailer skirt comes with an extended seven-year warranty, instead of the standard three-year warranty.

The purchase of a trailer skirt at a Progressive Network Repair Shop will also include a wrapped skirt with Progressive's logo on the side. Shipping is included in the purchase of the skirt; however the purchaser will have to pay for installation.

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