Gordon Trucking reaps benefits from Freight Wing side skirts

Early Adoption has meant measurable fuel savings

There are leaders and there are followers. If you are Gordon Trucking, it is better to lead, especially if you are reaping benefits in fuel economy.

As a company, Gordon Trucking saw the benefit of implementing trailer side skirts early. The 2,000 power unit truckload carrier began its relationship with Freight Wing nine years ago and believes that the side skirts provide a measurable fuel economy savings. With 4,200 of GTI’s trailers outfitted with Freight Wing side skirts, the company has seen an improvement of close to .3 miles per gallon.

“Gordon Trucking is always looking for ways to control fuel costs, especially as fuel prices increase and fuel surcharge lags behind,” said Kirk Altrichter, vice-president of maintenance for the Seattle-area based truckload carrier. “GTI is open to new technology and fuel savings devices if proven in our fleet operations. And in this scenario, Freight Wing side skirts have certainly done so.”

With the Freight Wing side skirts, GTI expects a 10-year life cycle because of the quality of construction and brackets that allow the skirts to flex. Altrichter said GTI has been very pleased with how durable Freight Wing side skirts are.

For Gordon Trucking, the standardization of side skirts on its two-axle trailers is a further commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and dependence on foreign oil.

GTI, who joined SmartWay in 2004, has been an early adopter of fuel efficient components. The company runs aerodynamic Freightliner tractors with rear cab spoilers and fuel tank skirts. We also use low rolling-resistance tires and auxiliary power units on tractors to bring our overall idle time down to 3 percent.

“Buying from Freight Wing is simply good business and has giving us the edge in fuel economy,” said Altrichter.

Gordon Trucking’s focus on environmentally responsible practices and reduced fuel consumption has dramatically reduced its carbon footprint which has been recognized throughout the industry.

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