Freight Wing Introduces AeroFlex Composite

A New Trailer Side Skirt that Holds its Form While Enhancing Fuel Economy

SEATTLE, January 2013 – Freight Wing has announced a new trailer side skirt, the AeroFlex Composite, which has been SAE/TMC tested to improve fuel economy by up to 7.45 percent. The skirts are SmartWay verified.

Made of a pliable composite material, and braced with flexible mounting rods, the new side skirts provide a clean, smooth appearance while maintaining its flat panel shape.

“It’s a great new addition to our line of aerodynamic trailer fairings,” said Sean Graham, president of Freight Wing. “It joins our family of side skirts which includes the AeroFlex DMP (formerly called the AeroFlex 2012) which is constructed of heavy duty Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP). Our new composite model is of the same geometry as the DMP and gets the same fuel economy benefits as our original model – they’re just constructed differently. Customers can expect an ROI in as little as 50,000 miles of trailer utilization.”

According to Graham, the DMP model can take the most abuse of any side skirt on the market thanks to bounce back nature of its plastic construction. “But, with new innovations in composite material, we’re able to bring to market the AeroFlex Composite -- a great looking, robust skirt that still is able to bend from impacts such as bottoming out at loading docks,” he said. “The new offering gives fleets and owner operators two great skirts to choose from, depending upon their applications and driving patterns – each with the ability to improve fuel economy for our customers by 4- to 6 percent in real-world applications.”

Weighing in at 170 pounds, the three-piece AeroFlex Composite side skirts feature an easy-to-install pressure responsive mounting system, which provide ample support and flexibility. Thee composite panels are able to handle typical impact situations. “They are also UV protected and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion – allowing the skirts to hold its flat panel shape,” said Graham.

About Freight Wing

Seattle-based Freight Wing was incorporated in 2003. The company’s mission is to provide practical fleet fuel savings through innovative improvements to the aerodynamic profile of semi trailers. It manufactures and distributes a full line of fairings, including trailer side skirts, belly fairings, and gap fairings and customized products for a variety of trucking applications. Freight Wing products represent the most thoroughly evaluated aerodynamic trailer fairings available to the trucking industry. Multiple scientific testing projects, to validate fuel economy improvements, have been conducted by third parties including the U.S. Department of Energy, the EPA SmartWay Program and Transport Canada.

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