Latest generation side skirt cuts weight

Freight Wing introduced its next generation of side skirt, coming in at 30 lbs. lighter than the original design, the company said.

The AeroFlex 2012 weighs 150 lbs. total yet retains the same durability as the original AeroFlex, said company president Sean Graham. The EPA SmartWay verified skirts provide a 4 to 7% fuel economy improvement, Graham said.

“With the reduced price of the AeroFlex 2012, the return on investment is often less than 35,000 mi. of trailer utilization,” said Graham. “We want to help fleets and owner operators that need to comply with the California mandate of trailer aerodynamics by lowering the cost of implementations. However with today’s fuel prices, many of our customers are realizing that aerodynamic side skirts represent one of the best investments they can make regardless of the California rules. Plus, we now offer financing programs that result in net profits from day one, as payments are significantly less than the fuel savings.”

The AeroFlex is made from a dense matrix polyethylene material (automotive plastic) formulated for extreme conditions.

“Simply put, the material we use is the most durable, most flexible and lightest weight on the market,” Graham said. “They’ve been tested to withstand temperatures beyond what any trucker would ever encounter – from minus 103-deg. Ft to 158-deg. F. Plus they have excellent ‘shape memory’ – able to return to their original form after large impacts better than any other material we’ve tested. That’s critical for long-life performance and years of productive service.”

The next generation of the skirts includes a new mounting clamp system for easier installation and maintenance and fiberglass rods for support and flexibility of the third-part panels, allowing them to bend in or up as needed, Graham said.

Also, the skirt’s use of the automotive plastic is an advancement from earlier designs, which included aluminum and fiberglass.

“All our research, testing and experience has shown that high tech automotive plastics withstand ground impacts better than other materials on the market,” Graham said. “This allows our skirts to hug the road – with less gap between the road and the skirt, which improves aerodynamics and fuel economy.”

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