AeroFlex Maxx

More coverage...more fuel savings!

The AeroFlex Maxx is Freight Wing’s new full coverage side skirt. The AeroFlex Maxx uses a proven aerodynamic geometry similar to the original EPA SmartWay verified Freight Wing AeroFlex. The AeroFlex Maxx can produce up to 20% more fuel savings than the standard version, making this skirt the most effective fuel saving product you can add to a trailer.

  • Save over 600 gallons of fuel every 50,000 miles of trailer operation
  • Increased coverage reduces drag and increases fuel savings up to 9%
  • Custom front panel allows for ease of installation
  • Available in DMP plastic and Composite panels options

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Expanded AeroFlex geometric shape

Provides maximum aerodynamic savings.

8.40% Fuel Savings

The AeroFlex Maxx was designed using comparative wind tunnel analysis building on the highly effective AeroFlex shape. It provides expanded coverage for more savings while maintaining the same great features and durability of the original. Wind tunnel testing demonstrated a 20% improvement over the standard AeroFlex SAE J1321 type II results of 7.45%, this gives the AeroFlex Maxx a 8.40% fuel savings potential at 63 mph.

Although the cost and install time of the Maxx design is a bit more than the standard AeroFlex, the long term fuel savings can be substantial over several years of deployment. This improvement in savings is especially important for high mileage, long haul operations. While the 20% additional savings over our standard unit is impressive, the 50% percent improvement over other skirts on the market that only meet minimum compliance requirements is truly remarkable.

Others may claim and present false data that short skirts, small skirts, bogie wedges etc. perform just as well or better than the AeroFlex design, but the fact is that none of these concepts compare to full coverage skirting in comparative testing on a level playing field. Multiple independent testing projects have proven this fact over the years, one of the better of these fleet sponsored testing projects is available for review on our testing page, comparative wind tunnel evaluation. While this study shows the standard AeroFlex dominates the competition, the advanced AeroFlex Maxx blows them away.

Watch the AeroFlex Maxx DMP Plastic durability test

Watch the AeroFlex Maxx Composite durability test.

New Panel Options

The AeroFlex Maxx is offered in the traditional DMP plastic panels or the new glass reinforced composite material. Both materials are an excellent value using the same proven flexible design concept incorporating a pressure responsive bracing system and supporting aluminum components. Our DMP plastic option continues to be the popular standard for hard running fleets, but many also like the characteristics of fiberglass reinforced skirts and we are happy to make this new alternative available.

AeroFlex Maxx DMP Plastic Construction:

The Maxx DMP Plastic uses the original AeroFlex panels. For those looking for maximum impact protection, lightest weight and lowest cost, this is your choice.

  • Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP) material is an engineered plastic developed specifically for trailer skirting
  • UV protected, easy to clean smooth surface, and works in all temperature extremes
  • Virtually indestructible panels do not break and are unrivaled in terms of durability
  • Proven with millions of miles of reliable fleet service

AeroFlex Maxx Composite Construction:

The Maxx Composite is the new standard in glass fiber reinforced type skirting. For those that prefer the great looks of a composite panel skirt, this is your choice.

  • Polypropylene thermoplastic reinforced with continuous bidirectional glass fiber provides new capabilities not possible with traditional thermoset FRP panels
  • UV protected, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent ability to hold a flat panel shape
  • 4 piece panel system is superior to other composite skirt single panel designs
  • All holes come predrilled with panels cut to size, no extra work required as with competing fiberglass skirts
  • Weighs 200 lbs.

Time tested and reliable construction

Best in class flexible panel and bracing system.

Proven Durability

The key to durability in a skirting system is using flexible components that all work together to allow for ample clearance and resistance to impact damage. The AeroFlex Maxx meets any operational challenges as it simply uses the proven AeroFlex standard components that have been known as the toughest skirting system on the market for years.

The Aeroflex Maxx can bend inwards, outwards and most importantly upwards to avoid damage from high clearance situations such as ramped loading docks that can cause problems for other skirting products. Unlike some skirts that are limited by a lower flexible extensions, the Aeroflex panels are flexible throughout the entire panel so there are no rigid panels or components to be damaged.

Integrated into to our design approach is the realization that damage can occur and that panels can get beat up over years of repeated impacts in some abusive operation situations. Because of this reality, we provide a couple unique capabilities to ensure the consequences of any damage event is minimized. First, no matter how severe the damage, our panels and braces are designed to remain securely attached to the trailer so that the unit can typically remain in operation until it is convenient to perform maintenance. Secondly, the three piece panel design enables the replacement of just one damaged section instead of the entire side. Panel replacements are a difficult and frustrating problem with other one piece skirting designs. The AeroFlex panels and braces are designed to be low cost and very fast to change out in a manner of minutes. With the AeroFlex you will never get stuck with costly repairs or panel changes that are a hidden problem common with inferior products.

Our comprehensive approach to durability and maintenance sets the AeroFlex apart from any other skirt. All parts are corrosion resistant and UV protected to offer you reliable fuel savings for the lifetime of your trailer.

Streamlined installation procedure

A typical install takes approximately 4 hours.

Easy Installation

The AeroFlex Maxx installation procedure is streamlined to make it fast and easy. Optimized installations of the product have seen it completed in around an hour with experienced technicians. If your shop recourses are limited, call Freight Wing and our experienced installation teams can make this task quick and efficient.

Our direct panel mounting system eliminates wasted material and provides the most secure connection of the panels to the cross members. The inside brace connections clamp on the cross member, are easy to align and stay in place for the life of the trailer. The panels come completely prefabricated with no cuts to make or holes to drill that can slow down and complicate installations of other designs.

All fasteners are optimized to eliminate install errors and to facilitate easy install and replacements. Our customers are fully supported by a comprehensive install manual and access to expert technicians that are ready to assist you with any problem.

For large unit implementations, ask us about our inverted drill press designed to make installation quicker and easier. It simplifies drilling while improving speed in volume situations.

The Aeroflex Maxx will take around an hour longer to install compared to the standard unit, but the added install procedure around the landing gear is well developed and worth the extra effort if optimized aerodynamic efficiency is the primary objective.

Designed to last

Durable state-of-the-art advanced material construction.

Design Specifications

Part Numbers
  • 76-50188-90 DMP Plastic single packed standard unit
  • 76-50188-45 Composite single packed standard unit
  • 76-50188-91 DMP Plastic bulk packed standard units
  • 76-50188-46 Composite bulk packed standard units
Fuel Savings
  • Up to 9% at constant 65 mph
  • 6-8% Savings measured in fleet operations
Colors & Graphics
  • White and black standard colors (add BLK to specify black)
  • Custom colors available with 45 unit minimum and color up charge
  • Graphic options from small stickers to full wraps
  • No special driver requirements
  • Clearance up to 26″
  • Will not collect snow or ice
  • Can be configured to accommodate tire carrier or other accessories
  • Meets CARB trailer requirements as a single aerodynamic device
Unit Weight
  • Composite Unit: 200 lbs.
  • DMP Plastic Unit: 175 lbs.
  • 35” wide by 306” long
  • 4-6 man hours
  • Fits 53’ dry vans and reefers
  • Easily modified at point of installation for fitting around fuel tank or other under trailer accessories
  • No special requirements. Incorporate into normal trailer inspection schedule.
  • Reduces horsepower requirements on truck engine
  • Keeps trailer underside, axle and brake components cleaner by deflecting road debris and salt spray
  • Modular construction allows easy replacement of any parts
DMP Plastic Material:
  • Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP) panels
  • UV protected
  • Ideal for use in any climate (range from -103 F to +266 F)
  • DMP panels are flexible and highly resistant to damage
  • All supporting components protected from corrosion and all stainless steel fasteners
  • 100% recyclable with high cost recovery
Composite Material:
  • Polypropylene thermoplastic reinforced with continuous bidirectional glass fiber
  • UV protected
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, ideal for use in any climate
  • Composite panels are flexible and have an excellent ability to hold a flat panel shape
  • All supporting components protected from corrosion and all stainless steel fasteners
  • Securely attached to the trailer with redundant/fail safe fastener points
  • Improved airflow around the trailer reduces splash and spray for better visibility for the driver and passing motorist
  • Improves trailer tracking and eases trailer pull for reduced driver fatigue
  • Available from nearly all trailer manufacturers as a factory installed option
  • Available from select dealer networks for aftermarket installation
  • 3 year warranty

Product Gallery

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