The New AeroFlex 2012

A proven winner made even better for 2012.

Like our previous AeroFlex, the new AeroFlex 2012 is a market-proven winner. With over three years of road testing and proven reliability, Freight Wing does it again with an improved design that fits most trailer applications.

  • EPA SmartWay/CARB approved
  • 7.45% Fuel Savings in SAE/TMC J1321 testing by independent third party
  • Save over 400 gallons of fuel every 50,000 miles of trailer operation
  • New proprietary flexible plastic panels maximize durability for the life of your trailer

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Watch the new AeroFlex 2012 durability test

Click here to watch the AeroFlex durability test.

New Custom Plastic Panels

What makes the AeroFlex 2012 so durable is the proprietary custom engineered plastic panels and new flexible support braces. The AeroFlex 2012 is designed to be flexible and durable enough to withstand the day to day operational concerns trailer skirts run into. Our new product is the result of five years worth of research, development, and design improvements. We have created the best skirt yet with our custom formulated plastic and flexible support rod system. Most importantly the pressure-responsive support rod system keeps the skirt in the aerodynamic position while providing maximum flexibility to absorb both side and ground impacts.

The Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP) panels can bend inward and/or upward. Our new rods have ample rigidity to provide stability to the fairing panels, such that they do not deflect inward during operation when subjected to high cross winds. The thinner rods were pull tested to insure ample strength in tension and outward panel deflections. If failure does occur, the rods splinter and lose some of their rigidity, but do not break entirely, such that units can safely remain in operation until a repair is possible.

The AeroFlex 2012 still has a lot of the same benefits as our classic AeroFlex. The angled configuration greatly contributes to avoiding side impact situations to begin with as the fairing is set inside from the base rail. This inside angle set up also enables intermodal lift points to be accessed without causing damage to the skirt. You will also not have to move or worry about mounting the signal lights with the angled configuration.

Designed to last

Durable state-of-the-art advanced material construction.

Design Specifications

Part Numbers
  • 76-50188-80 single packed standard unit fits 53′ & 48′ dry van and reefers
  • 76-50188-81 bulk packed standard units
  • 76-50188-90 28’ pup trailer units
  • Custom units available for specialty trailer applications
Fuel Savings
  • 7.45% Independently verified via SAE/TMC J1321 Type II testing
  • 5-7% Savings measured in fleet operations
Colors & Graphics
  • White and black standard colors (add BLK to specify black)
  • Custom colors available with 25 unit minimum and color up charge
  • Graphic options from small stickers to full wraps
  • No special driver requirements
  • Clearance up to 26″
  • Will not collect snow or ice
  • Maintains access point for easy under trailer inspections
  • Can be configured to accommodate tire carrier or other accessories
  • EPA SmartWay verified in the advanced trailer fairing category
  • Meets CARB trailer requirements as a single aerodynamic device
Unit Weight
  • 150 lbs. for standard 53’ unit
  • 35” wide by 270” long
  • 3-5 man hours
  • Easily modified at point of installation for fitting around fuel tank or other under trailer accessories
  • No special requirements. Incorporate into normal trailer inspection schedule.
  • Reduces horsepower requirements on truck engine
  • Keeps trailer underside, axle and brake components cleaner by deflecting road debris and salt spray
  • Modular construction allows easy replacement of any parts
  • Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP) panels
  • UV protected
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, ideal for use in any climate (range from -103 F to +266 F)
  • DMP panels will not crack, dent or delaminate
  • All supporting components protected from corrosion and all stainless steel fasteners
  • All materials 100% recyclable with high cost recovery
  • Securely attached to the trailer with redundant/fail safe fastener points
  • Improved airflow around the trailer reduces splash and spray for better visibility for the driver and passing motorist
  • Improves trailer tracking and eases trailer pull for reduced driver fatigue
  • Available from nearly all trailer manufacturers as a factory installed option
  • Available from select dealer networks for aftermarket installation
  • 3 year warrantee

More resilient, more durable construction

Improved flexible support rod system.

Increased Flexibility

The AeroFlex 2012 has been built to last! New features include more resilient support rods, increased flexibility, proprietary engineered plastic, and a simplified mounting system. Most importantly, the new DMP plastic used on the 2012 was specifically formulated for the demands of trailer aerodynamics providing performance no other material can offer. Over a year of testing and design has resulted in a significant decrease in unit weight, while increasing road life and durability. Simply put the AeroFlex 2012 is designed to maximize your return on investment for the long haul.

The primary design change is related to the support rods and their mounting system. The new version features thinner (5/16” diameter instead of 3/8” diameter) fiberglass material. The thinner rods are more flexible, can bend into a much tighter arc before failure, and therefore enable the fairing to absorb larger deflections in impact situations. The AeroFlex 2012 attaches with a new simple and easy-to-learn mounting system.

The improved support rods also feature new mounting supports. The AeroFlex 2012 has a saddle mount that is clamped directly to the cross member, and a separate bolt secures the rod while acting as a pin to provide free rotation. The same saddle is used on the lower end of the rod to connect it to the panel. The separate rod connection bolt also enables a very fast and easy rod replacement if needed.

Because the geometry is unchanged, the outward appearance of the product is the same as before. The AeroFlex 2012 is manufactured from Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP) using a unique formulation proprietary to Freight Wing and developed specifically for trailer skirting. Freight Wing’s new plastic has proven to be durable, flexible, and well suited to the most demanding fleet operations. DMP is UV resistant - so it will not fade or crack - and provides a great looking gloss surface finish that is easy to clean. Unlike the fiberglass used by competitors, it will not crack or delaminate when dragged over pavement in low clearance situations.

Combined, the changes result in a significant weight reduction of 30 lbs/unit. The 2012 unit has a total weight of 150 lbs vs 180 lbs for the prior version. Even with all of the benefits the AeroFlex 2012 has, lower weight, more flexibility, increased durability, we have been able to lower the cost of this unit to increase the amount of money you will save through fuel savings.

Streamlined installation procedure

A typical install takes approximately 3 hours.

Easier Installation

The AeroFlex 2012’s installation procedure has been streamlined to make it fast and easy. The new clamp mounting system is designed to avoid maintenance problems with its simple two piece design. Optimized installations of the product have seen it completed in under an hour with experienced mechanics.

For large unit implementations, Freight Wing has designed a drill lift to make installation quicker and easier. The drill lift works like an inverted drill press. It simplifies drilling precise hole by holding a drill upside down, reducing operator fatigue and related errors. We have also replaced the fasteners securing the panel to the channel with a custom shoulder bolt enabling easier and faster installation.

The only maintenance required on the AeroFlex 2012 is periodic inspection of the fasteners and it is also recommended the strut braces are inspected to make sure no accidental damage has occurred during operation.

The Aeroflex 2012 makes operating with skirts easy by avoiding the common panel and brace failures more commonly experienced with competing designs.

Unique wedge shaped geometry

The ultimate in skirting performance.

7.45% Fuel Savings

The AeroFlex 2012 is Freight Wing’s new lightweight side skirt. Like the classic AeroFlex, the AeroFlex 2012 uses the same EPA SmartWay-verified geometry producing 7% fuel savings, while offering lower weight and cost. Freight Wing pioneered the unique wedged geometry and low coverage design now widely acknowledged as the ultimate in aerodynamic skirting performance. The wedged shape provides more consistent on road fuel savings as it does a better job of redirecting airflow around the sliding tandem in multiple positions. The low effective coverage of the unit is also critical in providing optimal aerodynamics.

Product Gallery

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