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AeroFlex Advanced Series

Freight Wing now offers more choices for all of your skirting requirements.

Coverage Options:

Panel Options:

AeroFlex Design - 7.45% Fuel Savings

  • The revolutionary full coverage flexible design that introduced the industry to high performance skirting
  • EPA SmartWay verified and CARB approved, this reliable standby has been proven through years of demanding fleet operations
AeroFlex DMP Plastic Construction (video)
  • Our original offering provides maximum impact protection, lightest weight and lowest cost
  • Dense Matrix Polyethylene (DMP) material is an engineered plastic specifically developed for trailer skirting
  • Virtually indestructible panels do not break and are unrivaled in terms of durability - weighing only 150 pounds, this is the lightest skirting option available
AeroFlex Maxx Design - 8.40% Fuel Savings

  • Expanding on the highly effective AeroFlex concept, the Maxx offers additional panel coverage for maximum fuel savings
  • Comparative wind tunnel analysis has demonstrated savings far exceeding any competing design
AeroFlex Composite Construction (video)
  • Our new offering presents the a new choice for those who prefer the great looks of a composite panel skirt
  • Polypropylene thermoplastic reinforced with continuous bidirectional glass fiber provides new capabilities not possible with traditional thermoset FRP panels
  • Fully flexible modular panels and excellent ability to hold a flat panel shape

Watch the Freight Wing AeroFlex DMP durability test

The above video demonstrates the skirt’s superior flexibility, durability and the ability to withstand the most demanding obstacles any fleet will run into.

What’s New
Mayfield Village, Ohio - April, 2013 — With the price of diesel fuel constantly changing, Progressive┬« Insurance is offering truckers discounted AeroFlex Trailer Skirts. These trailer skirts can increase fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent …


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